e r o t i c a

A Story of Female Domination
by JulieB

"I want to play a new game" I said to my latest guy - I was bored with our vanilla sex. We had become far too familiar with each other, even after only six months and I wanted to take control for a change. He was a little shocked, after all before him stood a 40 year old respectable businesswoman, (ten years his senior) who should really be applying for membership of a PTA rather than declaring a fondness for female sexual domination.

His reply of "Ok" was unsure but I could see that he was intrigued and I knew I had him hooked when he said, "How do you want to play this?".

"I want you to do anything I say without question starting from now!" I barked.

"My, you don't waste time do you?." he replied breathing just a little heavier than before which indicated the slowly rising excitement and tension of the situation. He followed with

"Ok then, I'm yours to command."

And those words, those precious few words caused my heart to beat a little faster and a tingle in my pussy start to nag.

"Take a shower then and put these on afterwards" I ordered.

He looked suitably surprised as I handed him a skimpy white nylon thong which would barely cover his cock and balls, and white fishnet stockings and garter belt which would be enough to dress the occasion a little and inflict the initial humiliation of MY male.

He dutifully said nothing and as he showered my heart rate increased with the excitement of fulfilling a long held fantasy.

When he returned I had dressed in black patent leather high heels, black stockings and soft black leather teddy to symbolise my "bad" girl image. If he but knew it my pussy started to dribble at this enigmatic sexy image before me. There was this hairy six-foot tall guy dressed in white lingerie - which obviously turned him on as well, the white thong barely able to contain the swelling manhood as it pushed the material out in front. I could have dropped to my knees and sucked his cock juice from him there and then such was the urge for physical contact that burned within me......but no I would have to forego my animal lust and divert it into the latent dominatrix I was desperate to become.

I walked behind him and stroked his stocking clad thighs before reaching into his panties to squeeze his powerful erection. But again as much as I wanted to feel that stiff joy giving love muscle pounding into my hot hole my domination fantasy was about to be realised so no time to dwell on this. I steered him towards a small table and bent him over it so that I could bind his hands and feet to each of the legs. I approached his head and could not contain myself any longer - I held his head up pulling it by his tousled hair and positioned it so that his chin was resting on the table I then plunged his nose into my hairy bush. I brutally masturbated pistoning my fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt and frigging my clitoris to an explosive orgasm. He could not fail to smell my pungent love juice secreted in a steady flow as a direct result of my manual stimulation. I wanted to humiliate him more and turned around, bent over and backed up to push my very wet cunt and anus into his face.

"Make me cum!" I demanded which he did beautifully, licking my clitty and asshole as I wiggled about planted on him. The sensations were too much and I shuddered to another glorious cum before falling to my knees to compose myself for the next stage of my plan.

As I gradually recovered I liberally wiped my "musk" onto my hand to smear it over his nose and mouth so that he would recall this night every time he caught a whiff of my cunt cream.

Time for a little reward for him though after all I'd had two climaxes on the back of this scenario. I went behind him and pressing between his legs stroked the flimsy nylon covering his very, very stiff cock. I ordered that he must not shoot his sperm into these nice clean panties or I would have to punish him. I knew that the sensations of my caresses on his cock and balls were far too strong and his twitching prick totally betrayed his mounting excitement. But even I wasn't prepared for the spectacular eruption as his manhood persistently jerked gob after thick gob of his salty gift and saturated the material so much that it was dripping through onto the floor.

"Oh you are a very bad man" I chided "Look at the mess you've made in my new panties, you've ruined them, now I have to severely punish you."

He said nothing but continued to breathe heavily in the wake of his powerful ejaculation. I got some scissors and cut the thong at the sides before mopping up the excess semen on the floor. I brought them round to his face and wiped them under his nose before saying angrily

"Look what you've done to them you filthy man" then I pushed them into his mouth before cutting the stockings from his legs and using one to tie his gag in place and the other to blindfold him. I then undid the garter belt and tied it quite tightly around his neck.

"You must be punished you know that don't you?" I said. "You can only squirt your semen when I say so, you do understand don't you?"

He mumbled through his gag and nodded.

"I have to gag you, because I don't want to hear you whimpering while I thrash your butt" I added.

I then went to the drawer and pulled out a short stick with some long leather tassels on it, I waved it in front of his face and said

"I'm going to have to use this because you've been so dirty shooting that sticky stuff into my panties". He looked a sort of pleading look but I could see by his stiffening cum stained cock that his excitement was building again.

"If I hear a noise from you I'll have to do it harder - so I want complete silence."

I started to whip his backside. Lightly to start with and it was obvious that he could bear this quite well. So I hit harder and his prick stiffened more as the cheeks of his ass become redder and redder. "No noise" I said as I increased the force of my smacks, but I went too far and he couldn't refrain from a little squeal as the stinging became too much. I did it again and yet again he couldn't stifle a response.

"Oh you're for it now !!" I told him "You're ass is mine !" and I watched his cock twitch again with anticipation of the unknown.

He mumbled something as I went back to the drawer to get something and I started to fiddle about behind him, but he could not see or know what was happening until he felt my oily hands on his reddened bum rubbing some soothing liquid into the sore skin. He sighed with the relief and I could tell it felt good to him, even more so as I fondled his balls and his almost fit to burst penis. I stroked up and down his thighs, god I was turning myself on as much as him. My fingers moved back up to his anus before focussing on his forbidden hole. I slipped one, then two fingers in and then he suddenly felt his sphincter being stretched as a well lubricated but thick intruder pushed into him. I could tell by the way his body stiffened and his fingers clenched that the realisation dawned of what was about to happen. He knew now what I was doing while behind him - strapping on a surrogate cock and he was about to be violated willingly or otherwise......frankly I didn't care. I now felt what it was like to fuck someone, the motion, rhythm and sensation was quite indescribable, the power of the situation the ultimate aphrodisiac.

One of the straps rubbed nicely on my clit, which caused me to want to push in and out much faster. My hips moved backwards and forwards and I grabbed the garter belt like some sort of reins. I had read somewhere that a choking action of this sort could actually heighten the sexual pleasure and even in my domination mode I still wanted to give some form of gratification to my love slave. I then reached around to grab his prick.

I couldn't co-ordinate a masturbating rhythm very well to work in time with my thrusting so only managed to "milk" his dick by holding it tightly and caressing the head with my thumb. I knew though that the knob end of "my" cock must have been stroking his g-spot by the moans of delight escaping from his gagged mouth.

I heard him almost choking in the throes of his orgasm and stopped momentarily as my hand was covered in squirt after squirt of hot sperm. Avidly I licked my fingers clean, (I loved tasting his ejaculate when performing oral sex on him), then continued fucking him until I shuddered to my own climax. We were both sweating like pigs when I finally withdrew from his asshole which still gaped even after the dildo was long gone. I imagined he would be pretty angry about this rape but I needed fucking now - long and hard and rough with a real cock or a substitute and after I let him loose that is exactly what I got - and what revenge did he exact on me? - Well you'll have to wait....

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