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Frank, Three Mother's Days, Three Leap Years, and the Radio
- or -
How Latina Convinced Her Man Frank, That Mother's Day DOESN'T Suck!

by Latina
"OK, we're back. We're all certainly going to buy our sponsor's product, right? After all, they pay my salary so you can continue to hear me on FM radio. I'm Jack, and this is the Talking About Nothing radio program. We got some listeners pretty upset yesterday, because it was mother's day, and instead of talking about motherhood, we spent the hour talking about how this year, 1992, is both an election year and a leap year. The consensus yesterday seemed to be that election years fall in leap years, so that windbag politicians have one extra day to make campaign speeches at you.

"Anyway, to make up for not noticing mother's day yesterday, we've been starting off your Monday morning commute talking about mother's day. Listeners have been calling us about how they spent the day yesterday, or offering their opinions about the whole concept of celebrating mother's day. So if you have any question or comment that has anything whatever to do with mother's day, we're ready to take our next caller.

"Oh, and here is our next caller now, on Line 3. Hello, this is Jack, you're on the air live at Talk About Nothing. Do you have a question or comment about mother's day?"

"Hi, Jack."

"Hijack? Better not say THAT at an airport!" (canned laughter).

"Hi, I'm Frank, and I want to tell you how I spent mother's day yesterday."

"We're all ears."

"Then you must look awfully funny."

"Hey, I do the jokes around here, pal."

"Oh, sorry, Jack. Hi, my name is Frank. My mother has this disease that has been slowly eating away at the nerves in her legs for about the past 12 years. She's had 3 operations, and is confined to a wheelchair. My parents bought a van with a wheel-chair lift, so my dad could drive my mom around. She doesn't go out much any more, and so she hasn't been to a dentist in years, and most of her teeth have rotted and fallen out..."

"Is there a point to this story of misery?"

"I'm getting to that, Jack. See, yesterday I took my parents out to dinner to celebrate mother's day. My mom couldn't chew much of the food, and she choked on a lot of it. Everyone had a miserable time."

"So, to sum up for our listeners?"

"To sum up, mother's day REALLY sucks, Jack. The florists and card-makers cooked up this day to increase their sales. I mean, if you truly love your mother, you should sow her appreciation EVERY day. And if you don't, why PRETEND to care on one day of the year? I tried to do something nice for her on this supposedly-special day, and neither she nor anyone else enjoyed it."

"Thank you for sharing those insights, Frank. Moving along to our next caller. Hi, you're on the air live on Talking About Nothing..."

"Hi, folks, this is Jack, starting your Monday morning commute with talk about mother's day. This has become an annual tradition since our first time in 1992. Can you BELIEVE we've been doing this for four YEARS now? It's 1996 ALREADY?

"Well, we're ready to take our next caller, anyone who has anything at all to say about the topic of mother's day.

"Hi, you're on the air live at Talking About Nothing."

"Hi, Jack."

"Hijack? I hope airport security didn't hear you say that!" (canned laughter).

"Hi, my name is Frank. I last called you four years ago, on your very FIRST day-after-mother's-day program. And you told that same joke that day. You need new material, Jack!"

"OK, Frank, you're a real wise-ass, aren't you? What do you have to say about mother's day?"

"Well, Jack, I've been raising my brother's daughter for several years, because he can't take care of her. She's 13 now, and she lives with me. I'm her uncle, but I think of her as my daughter. About two years ago, I got tired of being alone, being a single dad. So I joined a dating service, hoping to find a single mom who could relate to single- parenthood, and maybe enjoy each other's company. About two months ago, the dating service organized a small, elegant dinner party for four single guys and four single women. They sat me next to this Filipino nurse named Bev, we talked all through dinner and really hit it off. We've been dating ever since."

"What's this got to do with mother's day, Frank?"

"Well, Bev and I never quite slept together, but we talked about sex a LOT. She likes to wear these really tight, ultra-short shorts. They really show off her dark, shapely legs so nicely. She wore them the night she had me and my niece over for dinner with her daughter. My niece, whom I'm raising, and her daughter are the same age, and they really seemed to get along. As for me, I couldn't take my eyes off Bev's legs all evening."

"Seeing her legs gave your dick a heart-attack, huh, Frank?"

"I wouldn't have put it quite that way, but yeah, you're basically right, Jack."

"And this dinner was last night, for mother's day?"

"No, the dinner was last week. But yesterday morning, Bev called me to tell me that her daughter made her breakfast-in-bed, and that the only thing that could have made her morning better was if I'd been naked beside her in her bed at the time."

"Wow! So what did you do?"

"Well, of course, I asked Bev if she wanted me to come right over."

"And she said?"

"She said yes. So I dropped my niece off with my parents, who wanted to spend mother's day with her anyway. And I drove over to Bev's, stopping on my way to get Bev some nice flowers."

"Did you get lucky?"

"No. She greeted me at the door in another of her killer shorts, but she wouldn't invite me in, she didn't want my flowers, she wouldn't even let me kiss her. She sort-of hinted that I blew it by not having been in her bed when she woke up. She said it wasn't me, she just didn't want a relationship with ANY man right now. So I asked her why she joined a dating service. She didn't have an answer for that one, Jack. She didn't know when she might feel differently. Well, I joined the dating service to find a wife to love me and my niece, and I didn't feel like waiting around for her to make up her mind. So I broke up with her right then and there, right on her front porch. I've felt miserable and alone ever since, and she's called me a couple of times to say she feels miserable and alone and very, very horny. But she's still not ready to commit to a real relationship, and while I'd love to have sex with her, I don't want to do that if sex is ALL that we'll ever have. So I don't see me getting back together with her."

"So your conclusion is?"

"The same as it was four years ago, Jack. Mother's day REALLY sucks!"

"NOW I remember you, Frank. Didn't you have some sort of conspiracy theory, that the greeting-card companies and florists cooked-up mother's day to boost sales?"

"That's right, Jack."

"Do you still feel that way?"

"Yes, I do, Jack. The whole concept of mother's day sucks"

"Well, thanks for sharing with us, Frank. OK, let's take our next caller. Hi, you're on the air live, at Talking About Nothing, where today's topic is mother's day..."

"This is Jack, coming at you live on the air on FM talk radio, with a show we call Talking About Nothing. Wow! Can you believe we've been doing the day-after-mother-day broadcast for EIGHT years now, and it's now the start of a whole new millennium? 2000 years since we started counting from zero! We always spend mother's day talking about leap year and election year, then talk about mother's day the DAY after. So, I'm taking calls this fine Monday morning from anyone who has anything at all to say about mother's day, and we're ready to take our next caller. Hi, you're on the air on Talking About Nothing."

"Hello again, Jack. This is Frank. I seem to call you every four years. I didn't say 'Hi, Jack' because I didn't want to hear your airport joke again. When I called eight years ago, and again four years ago, I ranted that mother's day sucks, because at that time, it really did."

"Sound like you've changed your mind about that, Frank. Care to share with us why you feel differently this time?"

"Well, four years ago, about three weeks after I broke up with my girlfriend Bev on mother's day..."

"Wait a minute, you and your girlfriend broke-up ON mother's day?"

"That's right, Jack. It was 1996 and..."

"What was this girlfriend like, this, what was her name, Bev?"

"Yes, Bev. She was a Filipino nurse, and at the time, I though she was an extremely beautiful and sexy-looking woman."

"And you don't think so any more?"

"No. One minute she was cooing how she wanted me in her bed, and before we could even start, the next minute she didn't want me to so much as touch her. Her games drove me crazy, and I broke up with her."

"And you no longer consider her sexy?"

"No. Three weeks later, I met this knock-out Mexican-American woman who is smart, funny, sexy, and she was a single mother just like I was a single dad--and, and, well we fell in love and we've been married for three and a half years now. It was an instant family, her and me, my 14-year-old niece whom I adopted, and her adopted son who was 9 at the time. I realize now that no other woman, not even Bev, can hold a candle to what my wife and I have now. So no, I no longer consider Bev or any other woman to be sexy compared to my wife."

"So, did you and your wife do anything special for mother's day yesterday?"

"As a matter of fact, we did. And that's why I longer think mother's day sucks. We had a blast!"

"Care to tell our listeners about it?"

"Yes, I do. I called specifically to tell everyone about our great celebration of mother's day, in hopes that other couples might be inspired by our example, and turn what is often a miserable and phony holiday into a truly joyous one."

"Joyous? How did you two accomplish THAT?"

"Well, it started Friday when I dropped in at our favorite shop, which sells sexy his-and-hers lingerie and classy couples-oriented adult videos. This middle-aged English lady runs the shop. I told her I wanted to make mother's day romantic and sexy for my wife. She sold me what turned out to be a charmingly sexy, romantic, and funny, but still explicitly X-rated, video. And on her suggestion, I got my wife and me a big bottle of sparkling cider. We don't drink alcohol, Jack. I also got a box of creamy chocolates with the appropriate brand name Decadent Chocolates! I found a really funny but sweet mother's day card for a husband to give his wife. I presented her with the chocolates, sparkling cider, and card on Saturday night, the night before mother's day. I had already slipped the adult video into the VCR in our bedroom, so as we sipped our bubbly and shared chocolate truffles, I started the tape."

"So what happened then, Frank?"

"Well, it was just like in those old romantic movies. We sat-up facing each other on the bed, and hand-fed those little square cream-filled chocolates to each other, while holding out tall, fluted champagne glasses of sparkling cider for each other to sip. We had about three chocolates each and one glass of cider each, before setting down the cider bottle and the chocolates, wrapping our arms around each other, and beginning to gently kiss. It was so nice and sweet, and romantic, and unhurried, and yet very passionate. Before we knew it, the kisses had progressed from locking lips, to a gentle bit of open-mouthed kissing with just a slight amount of tongue. Then my kisses moved around to her oh-so-sensitive spot at the side of her neck, and she began softly nibbling on my ear lobe before sliding her sweet tongue directly into my ear. It was just WONDERFUL how things were developing, Jack."

"Ahem! When are you going to get to the GOOD stuff?"

"Oh, you mean, like what we did next, when we pulled about a foot away from each other, and began unbuttoning each other's shirts, and slowly, gently, lovingly rubbing each other's chest, just as the couple on the X-rated video were also undressing each other?"

"Yeah, now you're getting there. You have the undivided attention of about a million listeners now, if you'll go on with these kinds of details."

"OK, well, she leaned in and sucked my tiny nipple into her mouth, and began gently nibbling. So I leaned in, tucked her lacy black bra under her breasts, and gave her a slow lick. She LOVES when I lick the gently swelling curve under her breast. She has very wide, dark reddish-brown areolas, about three inches across, the widest I've ever seen on a woman, and they are VERY sensitive. So now I just went to town massaging, stroking, caressing, kissing, licking, and nibbling her oh-so-beautiful areolas, as she began to quiver, shimmy, and moan in my ear.

"I knew from experience that she was already getting moist, so what else could I do now, Jack, but to push her delicate little panties aside and slip my long, thin, middle finger up the juicy love canal of the woman I love and admire and value more than life its own sweet self?"

"I'm with you, Frank. You HAD no choice but to slip her your finger. And how did SHE react?"

"WE both turned to glance at the video, where the woman was fondling the guy to hardness while he licked at her thick, dark, hairy bush. 'That looks like FUN!' we both declared in unison, as my wife kissed my chest even more fiercely than before, and began really SERIOUSLY nibbling at me. And then -- and then --"

"And then?

"And then, she reached down and unbuckled my belt, and VERY slowly, teasingly, unzipped me, her fingers slowly, silently rubbing up and down my crotch that WHOLE time!"


"Well, it being the day before mother's day, I felt I should show her just how much I truly do appreciate my wife, the mother of our children. So I knelt down and just lightly let my tongue graze at her sweet gates to paradise."


"AND? Well, that wasn't NEARLY sufficient pressure for her, no SIR! So she bucked her hips to thrust her thick, dark, hairy bush HARD up against my mouth. I fully uncurled my tongue and let myself VERY slowly slide my flickering tongue deeper and ever-deeper into her, until she began to shake and thrust, she got VERY dewy down here, and she was moaning loudly and sweetly into my ear the whole time. She bucked upward very hard, one last time, as she spewed the sweetest nectar known to mankind, all over my tongue and taste buds. It was the most delicious things I think I ever tasted. As she continued to shake, moan, and ooze, I splashed a tiny bit of sparkling cider onto her now fully-exposed clit, and I sucked it all the way up into my mouth, my teeth very gently nibbling on her magical love switch. The mixture of her natural taste, blended with the cider, was SO sweet, that I redoubled my efforts, and she had a CLITORAL orgasm! If you've never tasted an explosion from the clitoral region, it truly feels and tastes QUITE different from the juices that line an excited vaginal wall. We timed it just right, because as we glanced up at the video, the porn starlet was creaming up into HER guy's mouth, too!"

"So then what happened, Frank?"

"Well, after letting out the longest and sexiest moan that any man could ever want to hear from the woman he loves, she was so thoroughly soaked from her explosion, that she grabbed me around my neck, kissed me hard on the mouth, and just about BEGGED me to slide my cock inside of her. Her exact words, I believe, were 'fuck me, real HARD, right NOW!'"

"Like any man objects to hearing THAT!"

"Exactly. Well, I like to slide in and out as slowly as I can, let her enjoy as many orgasms as she wants, as many as she can stand. Long before I get to the point where I just can't hold back my own explosion any more, she's pressing her feet down hard on my ass, pulling me into her deeper and faster, and BEGGING me to let her feel my warm juices exploding deep up inside of her. When things get THAT hot, I can't hold out much longer. So I'll slam hard into her two or three times, pausing each time I'm all the way in, before retreating. That always gets her exploding into her most powerful moaning and thrashing orgasm of the entire evening, and that's my signal to withdraw, and slam down hard while coming by the bucketful, at the same time that she's coating my entire shaft with her fresh orgasmic love juices. It feels so good to be THAT much in sync with each other."

"As we rested in each other's arms, Jack, my lovely Latina's pussy muscles kept squeezing my still-hard cock, while I just kept pulsing and throbbing away deep inside of her freshly-fucked slit. We actually fell asleep that way, and woke up like that on Mother's Day morning. That convinced me I was wrong all these years, to proclaim that mother's day sucks!"

"Ahh, but Frank, all that was the day BEFORE mother's day! This broadcast is supposed to be about what you did ON mother's day."

"I'm getting to that, Jack. My wife and I run a small sales business out of our home. So after we got up, I got on the computer to check emails and received orders for the computer software products, for which we are authorized resellers."

"I sense a commercial coming on. Advertising on radio costs MONEY, my friend, so pay up or stick to the subject at hand."

"Sorry, Jack. Well, it was a hot day, so I sat at the computer in just my red silk boxer shorts. Latina, my wife, lay in bed for a while, as she says daydreaming about what we'd shared the previous night, and as a result working herself up into an ever-hornier state. As I sat at the computer, I noticed her passing by on her way to the kitchen, presumably to get breakfast. She peered in at me in my red boxers, did an about-face, and returned to our bedroom. I vaguely thought that was odd, but I was too busy answering emails to seriously give it much thought.

"About 15 minutes later, she walked back down the hallway, only this time she walked right into our office. I looked up, and noticed that she was wearing her black silk kimono-style robe, decorated in a repeating blue-diamond pattern, and she was barefoot, showing off her cute, delicate little feet and her gorgeous red toenails. The only time she ever wears that kimono is when she's VERY eager to play, if you catch my drift. She proceeded to sit on my lap facing me, her slender, dark sexy legs straddling either side of me, and her kimono draping open at the bottom. I could just catch a glimpse that she was wearing her crotchless red teddy under her kimono, and she began SERIOUSLY rubbing her exposed pussy lips against the front of my red boxer shorts. She got the result she wanted: I stopped typing, cupped my palms around her hips, and kissed her, my cock arising and hardening against the silk of my boxers, which was all that was separating her sweet slit from my gathering horniness. My kisses moved from her mouth, to the side of her neck. When that made her start moaning, I moved my kisses down into her cleavage and across to her nipple, which I licked a few times before sucking it up into my mouth and gently nibbling on it, all of which only made her nipples even HARDER. 'I want to fuck you,' she kept repeating now."

"I don't believe you, Frank. No woman I've ever know gets horny and wants to fuck, it's ALWAYS the guy who has to work for it!"

The softest, sweetest, sexiest female voice broke over the radio airwaves now. "You'd better BELIEVE it, Jack. Reliving the previous night had already gotten me VERY hot and horny, and --"

"Who is this, ma'am?" Jack interrupted. "Are you Frank's wife?"

Ignoring the interruption, Latina continued, "...and seeing him at the computer in nothing but skimpy, sheer red silk boxer shorts, he looked so CUTE, and so downright, well, IRRESISTIBLE, that I forgot breakfast, I changed into my sexiest lingerie, and climbed up on his lap, hoping I'd get some more of that sweet, tender, mother's day loving from him. And my terrific Frank, he didn't disappoint me at all, not at ALL. I KNEW he wouldn't disappoint. He never does!"

"Welcome to Talking About Nothing, Mrs. Frank--umm, err, Latina. So tell me, what exactly did Frank DO, that was so great, ma'am?"

"Well, first, he let his two-inch thickness press his silk boxers right up into my already-opening slit, which just got me juicier. I mean, his thick, pulsating shaft was completely wrapped in silk, and pushing and thrusting its way hard up inside of me now! Then as his silk-encased cock withdrew, he let me push the thin silk fabric aside, so nothing separated the whole beautiful 8-inch length of him from rubbing along the whole length of the ever-widening outer lips of my slit. That friction ALONE, and the realization that his genitals were now actually, FINALLY, touching mine, with NO fabric to separate us, was enough to get my inner walls juicing-up COMPLETELY out of control now."

"As good as it felt to have her straddling my lap and rubbing her naked pussy back-and-forth over my swelling cock, Jack," Frank piped in, "it wasn't long before we BOTH realized that it was just too precarious to continue our love-play in a swiveling desk chair in front of our home computer." "That's right, Jack," Latina continued. "That's when MY man here scooped me up in his big, strong, powerful, manly, hunky, hairy arms. One arm scooted under my thighs, and the other supported my back as I sat up. My feet dangled in mid-air beyond his loving arms as he carried me down the hall to our living-room, and gently laid me down on my back on our couch."

"Yeah, Jack," Frank chirped-in. "I knelt on my knees on the living-room carpet, leaned over the couch, and began kissing her softly on her lips. When she opened those lips, I slowly slid my tongue into her mouth as she slid hers into MY mouth. After a few minutes of this tongue-wrestling, I slid over slightly on my knees, and kissed my way down her neck. I then untied her black silk kimono, and let my kisses circle and swirl all around and under her 38-C breasts, before zooming in on those wide areolas that I so love to lick. Of course, after a while, I simply couldn't resist pinching one long, hard nipple between two fingers while sucking her other nipple up into my mouth, licking and nibbling on it. After about ten minutes of that, her nipples were nice and rock-hard, and she was thrusting her chest ever-higher up off the couch, so I'd be sure to take as much as possible into my mouth. As her moans grew louder and more frequent, I knew she was getting unbelievably turned-on now. So as good as her breasts felt and tasted, I knew it was time to move-on now. So I began untying the ribbons all the way down her bright-red teddy, my kisses moved down her torso, lingering over her superbly curvaceous hips, kissing and licking at her cute, sexy, bare navel, then deliberately teasing her by sliding all the way across the rug until my mouth was at her toes. Then kissing my way up from her neatly and professionally pedicured red toenails, up those smooth, shapely, dark-mocha legs, over her sweet and delicate thighs, upward, ever upward, ever closer to her by-now-starving little pussy. But once more, I teased her, landing my kisses all over her thick, dark hairy bush, and still not actually touching her slick, moist pussy, or her hot, throbbing clit."

"I couldn't STAND one more moment of his teasing, Jack," Latina broke in. "So I swung my legs over the front of the couch, turned and faced him, sat upright, and spread my legs wide apart. I squeezed his head between my open palms, and pulled him hard into my crotch. I was DETERMINED to get his tongue slipping and sliding in and out of my now wide-open, wet and hungry, very juicy, desperately-horny little slit. And more importantly, to get him licking, sucking, and nibbling at my hard, hot clit."

"Did you succeed in getting him to do that?"

"I most certainly did. He was WONDERFUL, as he ALWAYS is!"

"And what was going through YOUR mind, Latina, while Frank here was on his knees facing you, eagerly eating you out?"

"This sound silly in retrospect, Jack, but I just kept repeating to myself, 'Happy mother's day to MMMMEEEE!' I'm not sure where that thought came from, or why I kept repeating it to myself."

"Well, I know where it came from," Frank offered. "I was softly humming 'happy mother's day, my love,' over and over, way deep up into her juicy slit, for the whole time I was licking, sucking, and nibbling at her. Her sweet fleshy folds, surrounding my mouth, muffled and distorted the sound of my words, but I'll bet her subconscious picked up the sounds by interpreting the vibrations of my humming against her inner-most regions."

"Oh," Latina whispered, "so it was YOU who were controlling my thoughts."

"Yes, and I guess it worked. Because it didn't take long before she started sliding ever further forward on our couch, pressing her crotch ever-closer and ever-tighter into my face. That's when I sucked her whole hard, extended clit fully up into my mouth, and began softly nibbling. My efforts were RICHLY rewarded with the sweet and slightly-tangy taste and fabulous scent of her orgasmic nectar, as she erupted right up into my mouth, oozing all over my tongue and the roof of my mouth. It was sheer BLISS for me! I think it was right then and there that I completely and permanently changed my mind about my former crabby attitude toward mother's day! Fresh, warm pussy juice has LONG been my favorite beverage, and having the woman I love serve it up to me ON mother's day sure changed my mind about THAT holiday!"

"Well, thank you, Frank and Latina. You sure cheered-up THIS lonely and horny radio talk-show host. I think we just MIGHT have time for ONE more caller to tell us about how he or she celebrated mother's day yesterday."

"But wait, Jack," Frank pleaded. "It gets even BETTER. Don't you want to HEAR about it?"

"Ten million horny listeners have your undivided attention, Frank. Proceed."

"Well, my wife is SO sweet, she never wants to leave things one-sided like that after HER orgasm. She loves me enough that she always wants to make sure that I get full enjoyment, too."

"Oh, and just how did she do THAT, Frank?"

"Well, she stood up, pulled me up from under my arms, wrapped her soft, loving arms around my back, cupped my bare ass in her palms, and hugged and kissed me. Then she spun us both around, so I was in-line to be seated on our couch, with her facing the couch. She then gently shoved me down into a seated position on the couch, and dropped to her knees before me. Having seen, heard, and tasted her orgasm had made me hard as granite, and she eagerly began kissing my swollen balls, and licking her way up my pulsating shaft.

"Then her sweet little red lips closed around my cock-head, and slowly began sucking me in. As I pulsed and throbbed my way down into her mouth, I felt my cock head rubbing alternately across both the roof of her mouth and the top of her tongue. As she pulled me deeper and deeper into her mouth, she never stopped licking up and down my pulsating shaft, until I felt the head-end of my eight inches touch the back of her throat while my balls pressed against her ruby-red lips. With my cock COMPLETELY filling her mouth and throat like that now, she began playfully, joyously swirling her tongue around and around my full 6-1/2 inch circumference. That made me throb even harder and more frequently.

"She must have enjoyed my reaction, because feeling my pulsating hardness against her tongue made her moan ever more loudly. Her pleasure at pleasing me, was turning ME on like you wouldn't believe, and it took every once of willpower I had not to explode down her throat right then and there. But I knew that she wanted, needed, and hell yes, definitely DESERVED to feel my explosion way up inside her hot, eager, tight little SNATCH! Yet she just kept sucking and licking, and I knew that she wouldn't mind at ALL having my fresh spunk glide hot, thick, and stocky down her throat. She has always LOVED the taste and feel of me erupting down her throat, and it was AWFULLY tempting to do just that. But I knew that she would REALLY appreciate the mother's day pampering if I held back and gave it all to her eager and juicy pussy instead."

"Wow! I don't know WHAT I would have done in your situation. Come down her throat and make ME feel GREAT, or hold off and come in her cunt, and make HER feel great. Tough call, Frank. So what did you do?"

I curled my middle finger like a hook, and slid it into her juicy pussy in such a way that my fingertip brushed her G-spot while the underside of my knuckle rubbed hard against her still-swollen clit. That was all the persuasion and convincing she needed now, and she slowly, graciously backed her mouth off my hard, swollen, throbbing, ready-to-explode cock. 'Does he want to come in,' she asked so sweetly and innocently."

"'I thought you'd never ask,' I replied. I lay down flat on my back on the living-room carpet, my cock straining to point straight-up, but SSSOOO hard by now, that about the best it could manage was about a 45-degree angle from my torso. She sweetly wrapped her delicate little fist around my throbbing horniness, to help me point more straight-up in the air. As she squatted down over me, I reached up and held her moist pussy lips open as wide as they would go. Helping each other out like that, she slowly slid her lovely wet pinkness down over my hard shaft, a millimeter at a time.

"When just my cock HEAD was pressing into her, she was ALREADY twitching, shaking, and moaning so loudly that I think our neighbors down the STREET could hear her by now! As my shaft began filling her warm cave, she just kept chanting over and over 'give me everything you've got'." When I was all the way in her, she began slowly raising herself back up again, until only my swollen purple cock-head was still in her. 'STUFF me full of that hard cock, honey!' she commanded, and I obediently thrust my hips upward to slide ever more of my love-muscle up into her, as she continued to slowly sink her pussy down over my shaft. I gave one final deep push, as if to stuff my balls into her along with the full eight-inch length of my cock. She let out a deep-felt sigh of inner peace and contentment, before slowly lifting herself back off of me again."

"That's when I told him," Latina broke in again. "She's very, VERY hungry for him! We call my pussy her and his cock him. Anyway, I told my studly Frank, 'She's VERY hungry for him. PPPPLLLEEEEASE feed her your cock juice!'"

"Well, Jack," Frank continued to the radio talk-shot host, "You can imagine how much I objected to hearing THAT from the woman I love. So I stopped this namby-bamby slow sliding in and out, and I thrust my pelvis up hard and fast, slamming my full eight-inches of hard, pulsing rod fully up into her in one single, hard thrust. She moaned even more loudly than before, and began breathlessly cooing, 'Yes! Yes! Mmmm! Right THERE honey! Oh, you've got her, you've GOT her!' I pulled almost all the way out again, and then as she sat herself down HARD over my cock, I trust just as hard upward again. That's when I felt her warm, wonderful, wet, sticky, G-spot fluids POURING out of her, OOZING their way down both sides of my shaft, dripping down onto my balls, onto her thighs and mine, and straight down into the inside of my belly-button! She just kept shaking, gyrating, and moaning, so I drew back one final time, and slammed my way deep back into her one final time, with the full force of my 180 pounds powering my cock's upward thrust. As my balls started pressing up against her pussy lips, I EXPLODED deep up inside her warm, welcoming love tunnel. As she felt me just starting to explode, she clamped her pussy muscles down tight around me, determined not to let even one millimeter retreat from deep inside of her. As soon as my first eruption ended, her determined squeezing of my shaft made me explode all over again, with barely a pause between the two orgasms. It was the most wonderful, incredible, intense experience any man can EVER share with the woman he lives. And once more, I became fully convinced of how terribly WRONG I was to think all these years that mother's day sucks."

"MMMMM!" Latina concurred. "Oh, I AGREE! Mother's day can be truly WONDERFUL, no make that MAGNIFICENT. I mean, my FRANK is magnificent! I mean, he made our mother's day CELEBRATION truly magnificent!"

"WOW! I repeat, WWWWOOOWWW! Well, we're all out of time now. It's just as well, because THAT hot little story would be IMPOSSIBLE to top! But I want to thank Frank and Latina for sharing their truly romantic And fascinating story. I hope you ALL had as terrific a mother's day As that couple did. I'm Jack, and you've been listening to the eighth annual day-after-mother's-day broadcast of Talking About Nothing. Stay tuned now for your local news, weather, and sports, brought to you every hour on the hour by..."

Frank and Latina switched off the radio now, before hearing who sponsors the news. Sharing their mother's day story over the air had made THEM every bit as horny, as they were sure millions of listeners were. It was time to DO something about their horniness. As they tenderly showed their love and appreciation for each other yet again, Frank and Latina imagined they heard the whole horny city moaning and coming, along with them, in history's biggest simultaneous orgasm.

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