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Shopping Excitement
by Amy Sweet

I am a very sexual person, and I will admit that I like to do things in public especially to get the opposite sex to notice me. I am 28 years old, dark hair and a size D cup. I am going to college and currently working at J.C Pennys, that mostly pays my bills but sometimes allows me to show myself off and in many cases drive men wild. On one occasion my actions caused a situation that went out of control. I will warn all who read this story, it is true and the pictures I recovered from a security tape from my job.

I work in the women's section of the clothing department, near the dressing rooms. Many times guys will walk around with the their wives and girlfriends, this gives me an ample chance to let men watch me as I bend over to pick stuff up, and talk with them very closely. One particular day there was a black gentlemen in my area with his girlfriend, looking at fancy lace bras and underwear. Now I would never marry a black man, but I have fantasized about having sex with many. I took my chance to turn him on, not thinking anything more than a smile would peruse.

As I went up to talk to the lady, I rubbed my body against his as I was passing him, showing her the different sections. I "accidentally" dropped my pen so I bent over exposing my rear to him, I had a see through bra on and no panties, but I did have on a pair of pantyhose on. As I looked up I saw his face wide and a smile on him that went ear to ear, he reached out and put his hand on my ass. Out of reflex I slapped it off and walked to the other side of his women. This is when another gentleman came up, which as I could figure out was the girlfriends' brother. Both of the guys looked at each other then the one motioned towards me with his eyes. I noticed the brother was checking me out pretty closely and this made me quite uncomfortable. Both were quite big in build and one was dressed in a suit the other looked like a gangster.

One of my fellow co-workers went on lunch leaving me in charge of checking people in the dressing rooms and out, as one lady left she told me there was one item left in the far dressing room. I went back in the room to retrieve it went the door shut behind me and a black arm went around my throat, a gruff voice said not to say a word and play along. If I did not do as he said I would be stabbed with a knife, from the sound of his voice I could tell he meant business. I turned around and it was the guy I had been fooling around with, I tried to apologize but he was intent on getting something from me. I was afraid he would try to take me right there against my will.

He told me to get down on my knees and pull his dick out, when I hesitated he showed me a knife and motioned like he was going to do something. At this point everything was out of control, I wanted out of this booth, I was hoping someone would look on the monitor in the front and see I needed help. I got down on my knees and pulled his large cock from his pants, he started calling me a whore bitch and said it was my duty to suck his black cock, "that is what us white bitches are for!" As I started to put my mouth around his cock another person came from behind and shocked me, it was the brother. The first guy grabbed my hair and the brother unbuttoned my blouse and started to remove it. This seemed to excite me in a morbid way, and made his cock grow bigger in my mouth.

As my blouse was taken off I was pushed forward, in the cock I was sucking, at the same time he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me closer. His cock was big and filled my mouth. It was almost impossible to suck, but due to fear I kept trying. I was wondering what the brother behind was going to do, I thought maybe after I was done with this guy he would be next. I was not prepared for what happened next! I heard a voice say, "be quiet or die bitch, you are going to pay for what the white people have done to us!" Without warning I felt something hard pushing against my asshole, with the pantyhose and all, the brother pushed his cock through, ripping my pantyhose, and into my ass. I wanted to scream so badly, but was unable to out of fear. I started to push away from the first guy when both of my arms were pulled behind my back as this guy started to fuck my asshole.

All I wanted to do was to get this over with, so I began to suck this guy harder and harder while trying to tighten up my ass. Both men now called me names, and told me I was their fuck slave, I had no rights and what ever they wanted I would give to them. At one point the men made me call them supreme masters and made me take an oath to serve them for life. I was made to respond and call myself a fuck slut and a doormat. As I sucked the first guy I felt the blood run from my ripped asshole. As the brother bent over I felt him kissing my on the back, then he started to bite me. Grabbing me forcibly by the hips I was forced to say bite me and fuck my ass until I bleed to death!

My bra was torn off and used to wrap around my neck and chock me, they were treating me like a horse and enjoying it very well. While my breasts were flopping with the man thrusting his large cock in my ass, the bra was let go and fucking as normal resumed. Both men looked at each other and made reference to my white ass and mouth not being very good, so let's finish. I felt both men's cocks start to vibrate, at which time I was told to hold every drop of cum. If I did not swallow all of it and hold the rest in my ass I would be killed. Like two cannons going off at the same time I felt the rush of the white liquid. I had never felt and swallowed so much cum in my life, it took three whole swallows and it was still pouring out into my mouth.

My ass was saturated with a warm oozing felling as it filled to capacity with the white goo. I was left there to wallow in what had just happened; before they left I was forced to lie on my back as they wiped their feet on my chest area. Then like a doormat they both walk over me and out of the stall. They had also taken my drivers license so that they could call on me to fulfill my oath I had made to them whenever they wanted. As I stood up I felt the cum from my anal cavity start to drip out, looking down I saw it forming a puddle on the floor.

I never again flirted with the customers, but in a way that whole ordeal satisfied a sexual craving I have had. I am married now and very happy. I guess good can cum from bad.

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