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The Audition
by Bob L

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The audition was for a big budget movie starring a well-known actor and Peggy knew that if she got the part it would mean a lot to her career. The role she was reading for was a lot like the ones she had played before as a guest star on a few television series, and a couple of low budget films. She had been typecast as a bimbo, or, when she was lucky, as a temptress who leads the hero astray. Her agent said it was because of the feline slant to her brown eyes, and the sexual pout of her full lips, but she knew she was called by the casting directors because of her breasts. A D-cup used to take you a long way in Hollywood, but now the heroines were B-cups and only the bad girls were allowed to have the boobs out to there. Well, maybe things would change some day, but for now she wanted to work.

Her boyfriend watched as Peggy checked herself in the mirror, the red micro-mini showed off her legs, the spike heels giving her a nice line. If they liked her legs, they would love her breasts. They protruded magnificently from her tank top, the nipples forming thick nubs that would swell when she stepped into an air-conditioned office, giving her another edge over the competition.

She cupped the big, pear shaped jugs and squeezed them together so that they bulged over the top of her tank. Ohh, yeah, they would like these. No doubt about it. She released them and shook them a little, back and forth. Yep. She was ready. She turned to her boyfriend who shook his head as he got to his feet.

"You are the sexiest woman on the planet. And I'm not saying that because I have a hard on, I'm saying it because all our friends want to fuck you, even some of our female friends, and because you have whatever it is, and I'm not talking about your body, but something else that makes men completely oblivious to anything but you. Sometimes, when you're near me, I can't even remember my name."

He was touching her now, running the palms of his hands over her nipples, gently teasing them to thumb sized erection. She shivered and felt her knees getting weak. He was kissed her, probing her mouth with just the tip of his tongue, touching her perfect teeth, finding her tongue, making the lips of her pussy moist. She automatically brought her hand to his crotch and rubbed his erection, an up and down movement that increased the size of his cock by an inch. He had her top up now, sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her big tits and then she was going down on her knees, unzipping his pants, bringing his cock out, jacking him off in front of her face, ovaling her lips and plunging her mouth over it, no foreplay, or teasing, just a quick blow-job to lock that feeling of power inside her, a thing she could take with her to the audition, a thing that would make her strong in the face of so much pressure. She looked up at him while she sucked, her lips moving back and forth over his hard cock.

He watched, dazed, helpless, her artistry sending him to a never-never land where ecstasy awaited anyone lucky enough to hitch a ride. Her breasts bobbed and swayed slightly and he reached to pull on a nipple, pinching it slightly between thumb and forefinger. She groaned with the shiver it sent through her and then he was fucking her mouth, his hips working in a steady cadence, sending his thick cock to the back of her throat. She liked it when he did that, fucked her mouth. She watched his face, looking for the sign ...the tensing of his jaw muscles a dead give-away. He wouldn't cum in her mouth, he knew better. Sometimes she let him do that, but never before an audition.

She would taste his cum on her breath and it would be distracting. So she waited for him to pull his cock from her mouth and shoot his load on her boobs. She held her top up off of her tits with one hand and watched his face. A long minute went by with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, the head almost escaping her lips before he shoved it home again. And then he went tense, pulling back, his meat slipping from between her lips, she took it with her hand, the thickness swelling in her grip as she jacked him off, his cum spurting now, thick and warm all over her big breasts. She watched the cum leap from his cock until it tapered off to a thick oozing, sliding down that space between her thumb and forefinger, onto her wrist and forearm. She let go of his cock then, and used her hand to smear his cum around on her breasts.

"Oooooh ....I like that. I like a lot of cum." Peggy always used the amount of cum a man shot as a gauge to how turned on he was, and her boyfriend always gave her a big load. He smiled weakly, leaning down to kiss her, again and again, grateful for her service. She stayed on her knees, watching him stagger to the bed and flop onto his back, his feet still on the floor. She glanced at herself in the mirror and saw her cum-slicked breasts proudly displayed. How could they not hire her? She was magnificent.

It was a short drive from their condo in Beverly Hills to Sony Studios. When she was shown into the office, the Producer, the Director and the star were there. The Star's presence made her nervous and she fought the flutter in her belly as she took a seat in front of them, the three men forming a tribunal of sorts, deciding her future. After some chit-chat designed to make everyone comfortable, she was asked to read with the Star who was very supportive and helped her give what she thought was the best reading of her life. The Producer and Director were clearly impressed, and she knew she had passed the first hurdle. But now came the hard part. Since the character she was reading for had two scenes in which her breasts would be exposed, these three men would have to see her topless before they could make a final decision. She knew it was necessary because with so much money at stake, they couldn't take a chance on hiring someone who looked great in clothes and awful without them. There might be scars, breasts might sag without a bra, inverted nipples were another turn-off for movie audiences, so when they asked her, "would you mind?" She steeled herself and got to her feet. The three men tried to appear professional, disinterested, as though they were looking at a piece of furniture for the set. But when she pulled her tank up over her breasts, and held it there, thrusting her boobs out so that they were displayed to their best advantage, she could see a definite change in their attitude.

Lust was in the room, stripped of its civilized veneer. These guys wanted to fuck her and she knew it. It gave her power. After their instant "approval" of her breasts, she was asked to wait outside while they talked amongst themselves.

Five minutes later she was shown back into the office and was surprised to find just the Star waiting behind a desk. She knew then that he had the final say over who he would work with. She felt that flutter in her belly again.

"Peggy, you're wonderful." he began, and she heard the unspoken "but."

"But ...?" she said, giving the word form.

"Well, there are a few actresses we've seen today who are also quite wonderful."

Here it comes, she thought to herself. The pitch for that little something extra.

"We're having a tough time, " he said, "...deciding. And I was just wondering ...is there anything you could do ...I don't know ...something to set you apart from the others?"

"Like what?" she asked, knowing what he wanted.

"I don't know." He shrugged and gave her that smile that had dazzled millions of movie-goers. It dazzled her, now. Made her squeeze her thighs together.

"Well, what could I do? You want me to read another scene with you?" she asked, trying to avoid what was to come.

He pretended to think about that. "Hmm. No ...I know you can act ...I was just ...I don't know."

He couldn't ask her directly, that would put him in trouble with the actor's union if she reported him. She thought about the money, fifty thousand was budgeted for the role, her agent had told her that. She thought about the exposure ...working with a big star. Her career would move up to another plateau. She felt that flutter in her belly again. She might never get another chance like this. And he was so damned good looking. And he was a star! Women all over the world would do anything to fuck him.

She took a deep breath and made her decision. "Why don't we do that scene where I seduce you?"

He stared at her, saw the look in her eyes and knew what she was going to do. "Okay."

She knew the lines by now, and didn't need the script. It wasn't a particularly well written scene, but it was enough to work with and she had her body. That would be enough. Halfway through the scene she pulled her top up again, baring her big tits and pressed them against his chest while he slid his hands down to her firm buttocks. She was kissing him, trying not to think of her boyfriend and what he would think of her if he knew. Her hand snaked its way down to his crotch, slid along his thigh and found his cock bulging against his pant leg. She squeezed it for him and marveled at its size. "Oh, my." she thought to herself. He's huge. She dropped her chin so that she could look down at what she was playing with and saw a monstrous bulge. It looked like some sort of prosthesis. It couldn't be real. She felt his hands on her breasts now, squeezing them, teasing her nipples. She decided to suck his cock.

"Listen, " she whispered, breathing into his ear. "You can't fuck me ...okay? But I'll give you a blow job. Would you like that?" She was in character, still, playing the role she wanted so badly. "I'll suck your cock and you can cum on me. Okay? Would you like that?"

The Star's voice was hoarse next to her ear. "Do it .


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Bob L.

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